About Us

Small Business Servers Australia Pty Ltd is a ‘high performance’ small business, including a cohesive team of 6 certified, passionate and experienced individuals.

Our ability to provide successful business IT Solutions is recognised by Microsoft, we have been certified as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist since 2005 (one of the first in Australia).

Since 1998, we have implemented many hundreds of cost effective, reliable and highly productive IT solutions for our clients, most of which we still monitor, maintain and support to this day.

We currently service around 1,500 customers with networks ranging from a few workstations through to many larger companies with multiple servers and 100’s of users across multiple national and international sites. Our customer base includes many businesses with mission critical IT requirements.

Products & Services

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How We Work

Our core products and services are developed, tested and proven ‘in house’ before we market, sell and then finally deploy them to customer sites.

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Our Reputation

MASCOT Industrial
“…I'll remember your birthday for next year... and then send a big bunch of flowers... SBSA has been one of Mascot's most critical suppliers and one of a handful of Company's who we never have to doubt in terms of excellence of work... the SBSA Team should feel very proud of the work they do in supporting Companies such as ours..”
Paul de Man
Geohart Consultants
“… Apologies for the long period in finalising this, but we needed a long lead time to check out the actual costs and compare it with a few other companies’ costs, services and options etc… As mentioned before, you are certainly not the cheapest as we did find a cheaper option, but the communication and service level was very poor. Please find attached: the signed acceptance of your quote ...”
Wouter Hartman
Marino Bros Food Logistics
Marino Brothers Transport
“… Your service has been great and is greatly appreciated. “
Naomi Park
Office Administrator www.mbfoodlogistics.com.au
Finnegan Partners
“... you should be very proud of the business you have, there are not a lot of honest businesses out there. Honesty is definitely highly regarded.”
Ben Finnegan
Manington Group
“Thanks for the help today! That was a very well setup network; I see some very poor networks in my travels, so it is refreshing to work on one that is set up properly.”
Phil Arnt
Business Analyst
Game Day Apparel
“The team at SBSA are professional, responsive and technically very strong. We have complete confidence in their ability to manage our IT requirements, so we can focus on growing our business.”
Simon Hosking
Finance & Sales